PhoneRescue para SAMSUNG

3.5.0 20171124

Dump all your smartphone files and folders onto your desktop, fast!



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Whether you're making backup files or changing smartphones, transferring data and information from your device to a computer can be a bit of a hassle. Particularly when you're doing it manually, this tedious and cumbersome process requires you find out directories, locate file folders and replicate them for each one of the elements to transfer. Needless to say setting up recovery files ends up becoming extremely repetitive. Unfortunately programs that actually aid with the process tend to come at a high price as well as a limit for the number of exported items that's usually never enough. However, this time PhoneRescue For SAMSUNG is here to claim its territory as one of the best options for retrieving all your files on your smartphone.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, you'll easily make the most out of it the first time around without the need for manuals or tutorials. Since PhoneRescue For SAMSUNG is as easy to use as connecting your phone, simply select which items to save (from photos to contacts or call history), and press continue. In a matter of minutes, all this information is readily accessible from your desktop.

If you lost you password or don't remember your unlock pattern PhoneRescue For SAMSUNG can also help you out in a simple recovery process. Never lose valuable information again and get optimal results from your smartphone with PhoneRescue For SAMSUNG.
By Álvaro Toledo
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